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Fill In Blanks


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Completo palabras relacionadas con tema del reciclaje en inglÚs

Fill In Blanks

Was and Were

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Let┤s continue practicing!

Carolina Maria
Fill In Blanks

Plus and Numbers

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You must to add numbers.

Fabio Nelson
Fill In Blanks

Week 11 Vocabulary

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7th Grade Social Studies

Fill In Blanks

Activities, listening and matching

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Activities, sports, leisures.

Fill In Blanks

Grammar Exercises

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Grammar Exercises - The simple past of the verb "to be"

Fill In Blanks

Me friends and me

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Complete the sentences in present simple about some activities that my friends and me do every day

Martha Cecilia
Fill In Blanks

Free Time

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A typical weekend for Sandy and her brother.

Fill In Blanks

Rain: Vocabulary

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Complete the sentences using one of the words provided.


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