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A busy day

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Los estudiantes deberán realizar el diálogo con buena pronunciación y fluidez.


In the city centre

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Asking for and giving directions.

Fátima Maria Neves

Cristyn Rodriguez, Psychology1

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This Fun Presentation is my Psychology project from segment 1, lesson 2.


A diarrhea problem

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A dialogue between a doctor and his patient with a diarrhea problem.


Where did you go last summer?

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Anna went to England last summer. Her friends want to know if she enjoyed it.


Diálogo entre amigos

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Escucha y participa en este diálogo


Shopping for clothes

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Listen to the dialogue. Pay attention to the pronunciation and the expressions. After you have finished, answer the questions on your handout.


presente continuo

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El Presente Continuo o Presente Progresivo es un tiempo verbal que se utiliza para expresar acciones que suceden en el mismo momento en que se está hablando,...



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students listen a dialogue about sports


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