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This activity consists of a group of questions that are asked sequentially.

The user that creates the Quiz must decide the number of possible questions to be shown in each Quiz.

You can create a Quiz with a higher number of questions than the number of questions prompted to the user, so these questions are shown randomly. This feature implies that the users have the feeling that they are doing a different Quiz each time.

Each question can be configured to ask for the answer in any of the following methods:

  1. In a written form.
  2. By selecting one answer from various options.
  3. By selecting several answers from various options.

It is also possible to indicate for each question whether the answer is mandatory or not.

Another interesting feature of the Quizzes is that the creator can set a minimum percentage of answers the users have to guess in order to be considered as a passed activity.

The formulation of the question and the clue that permits the achievement of the result are shown on the top of the page. There can also be provided a sound, in order to help users to solve the activity.

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Answer those History questions


What do these idioms mean

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What do these idioms mean

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