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This activity consists in define over an uploaded image (photo, map, scheme etc...) a group of points identificated by its name.

For instance, we can define river names over a map, or bones of the human body over an skeleton etc...

The activity can be set to be filled on 2 different ways:

  1. The easiest option is by clicking. In this mode we must click over the areas indicated on the top of the activity.
  2. The other possibility is write. We must click over each point and fill in the name of the clicked zone.

Also in the HTML5 version of the activity you can choose the way to perform. It can be defined as DEMOSTRATION which allows to use the map to present information to students. If it is defined as BOTH, the map present information first and then enable the game to see what users have learned.

Interactive Maps Samples

Interactive Map

London Districs

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In political or administrative usage contemporary districts of London are informal often being based on or adapted from historic parish or borough boundaries...

Interactive Map

Valves of the Heart

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Valves of the Heart

Interactive Map

Muscles of the Human Body

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Muscles of the Human Body

Interactive Map

Clothes for the Winter

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Find out clothes for the winter

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