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This activity is a dictation, therefore it consists in writing exactly the text that we are given.

It is important, while you are dictating, to give details of the punctuation marks (like comas, full stops, question marks, etc.) so that the correction can be exact and also to avoid any kind of misunderstandings.

When we define the dictation, we introduce the title and configure some correction options:

  1. Sensitive at capital letters.
  2. Sensitive at accents.
  3. Sensitive at skips of the line.
  4. Number of attempts. This is the number of times in which we can ask for the correction of the dictation. If we overcome this limit, the activity gets blocked and it is considered a failed realization.
  5. The number of allowed mistakes. This is the maximum number of mistakes that are allowed in the dictation. When the nomber of mistakes exceed this limit, we will have to review the text and click "check" again.
  6. Time between audios. This time defines the duration of the break between each audio track.
  7. Time limit. Just like in any other activity, we can establish a maximum time to fulfill this activity. If this property is not set, the would not be a time limit to fulfill the activity.

Once these parameters are configured, you have to write the sentences of the new dictation correctly.

Finally, the written sentences are recorded, sentence by sentence, so that each of them can be repeated if necessary.

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Woody Allen

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Woody Allen

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