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The Crosswords from Educaplay are puzzles formed of squares squares that you have to fill them in order to discover the hidden word.

To fill in a word you have to click with the mouse on any of the square boxes and in this way the definition of that word will be shown.

There are three ways that a definition can be shown:

  1. With a text, as commonly used.
  2. With a sound.
  3. With an image.

The Crossword puzzle is composed of words placed horizontally and vertically, that must be written from left to right and from the top to bottom.

If you are not able to guess a word, you can ask for help with the letter clue button, and if you get "completely" blocked you can use the word clue button the word will be shown. You may ask for help at any time, but each time you do, your final punctuation will decrease in a proportionately way.

When you have filled in the Crossword, you must press CORRECT to check your answers and get your final punctuation or correct any possible mistakes.

Crosswords Samples


Cities of Great Britain

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Locate the most populous cities in Britain.


Pets and household animals

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Pets and household animals


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